Adapter with Robot ISO flange as a Standard Part


Contribute by : Rakesh Kumar-  In the past, the gripper (EOAT) ground plates and also the quick change systems needed to be adapted to the robot flange. This is over today.

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The company AGS has developed a whole series of gripper (EOAT) ground plates with ISO flange hole patterns and has added them to their gripper kit.The ISO flange is a standardisation of the gripper mounting option on the 6-Axis articulated robot arm. It includes screw holes and mostly a pin hole as a rotation lock.

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The gripper components can be now mounted directly on the ground plate.Here, we offer the possibility to mount the both systems profiles, “the slot nut profile” and also “the PreciGrip prism profile”, which is without slot nuts, on the available Prism. The adapter is available with prism 13 and prism 22.

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