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Leonard and Felix are primary school classmates. They grew up together in Adelaide, South Australia, and have been good friends since childhood. When Leonard moved to Singapore in 1997, he and Felix lost contact for a long time. However, they recently found each other and reconnected on LinkedIn three months ago.

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Leonard now lives in Montreal, Canada, and is the CEO of Artstation, a leading platform for showcasing games, film, media and entertainment artists. After he learned about advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP) technology, he volunteered to try our products.

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Well, our team sent Leonard two pieces of pork chops from Hong Kong through normal EMS, and he received them in the mailbox just a week ago. However, he only had time to cook them just now, having left the meat on his desk in the office for all of this time.

Leonard sampled the pork chops, having grilled them on his barbecue station for one minute on each side. He was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of the pork chops. “It’s really tender. I would not have known that it had been sitting on my desk for over a week. That’s amazing!”

Leonard’s son Jax echoed his dad’s comments. “I would say it’s 100 times better than regular pork chops.”


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